We, the intersex people from the Global South_Memoir

“Nigeria is still very shallow at recognizing intersex rights, the political atmosphere is very harsh and unsettled but we are starting by engaging with the grassroots stakeholders, whom we believe will form an integral part of intersex advocacy in near future in Nigeria. We believe that Nigerian context for political change is bottom-up, and sensitization of stakeholders will in turn promote more positive political situations that will enable intersex discussions at the State and National levels.

We, the intersex people of the Global South, are resilient, visible and demand rights to live a dignified and happy life. We, the intersex people of the Global South, want to uphold our right to life, we want recognition and inclusion in all aspects of life (socio-economic, healthcare, political, legal etc.). We
demand end to all harmful practices and violation of our body. End intersex genital mutilation; and end pathologization of our body. We uphold the right to determine our bodily autonomy and integrity. We are human beings and have always existed.” ~Obioma Chukwuike-Intersex Nigeria

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