United Nations Background Report on Human Rights Violations Against Intersex People.

In recent years, awareness of intersex people, and recognition of the specific human rights abuses that
they face, has grown, thanks to the work of intersex human rights defenders. These include risks of
forced and coercive medical interventions, harmful practices and other forms of stigmatization due to
their physical traits. To date, only a handful of countries have implemented measures to prevent and
address such abuses, and the effectiveness of existing measures remains to be fully documented.

In response, the United Nations Human Rights Office has undertaken a series of activities to raise
public awareness of intersex human rights issues and deepen understanding of relevant international
human rights law standards and recommendations and how they apply to the situation of intersex

This Background Note complements and builds on these initiatives, documenting the specific human
rights abuses faced by intersex people and the corresponding human rights obligations of States,
identifying gaps, challenges and positive developments, and charting the way forward to ensure that
the human rights of intersex people are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Download full background report here

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