The Red Flags Project

The Red Flags Project is  a photo book hightlighting the multiple forms of discrimination LBQTI womxn with intersecting identities face in Nigeria. This project is a tool for LBQTI womxn, organisations and leaders to understand and address the huge gaps around Equity, Equality, and Inclusion within the LGBTIQ+ community in Nigeria.

This photobook highlight the various forms of abuse that LBQTI womxn encounter in Nigeria as sex workers, people with disabilities, and drug users. It focuses on equipping LBQTI organisations and individuals by objectively informing them about the specific issues and needs of LBQTI womxn who fall within these categories, identifying the gaps, and making recommendations on how to be more inclusive of LBQTI womxn with intersecting identities.

The Red Flags Project also stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of LBQTI womxn, amplifying their voices and demanding meaningful and sustainable change.

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