Intersex Issues – a short list

You can find a more comprehensive list including links to Human Rights documentsUN concluding observations and regional and national policy papers on intersex human rights here.

More information on how to help bringing intersex issues forward can be found in the 2016 OII Europe/ILGA Europe Toolkit Standing up for the human rights of intersex people – how can you help?

WHO/ICD Revision

GATE Submission to WHO on Intersex Issues in the process of ICD reform (2017)Intersex Issues in the International Classification of Diseases: a revision. (2014)

Intersex and Disability

OII Europe (2015): Statement of OII Europe on Intersex, Disability and the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.


Morgan Carpenter, Dawn Hough (2014): Employers’ Guide to Intersex Inclusion. Ed. by OII Australia and Pride in Diversity

Legislation and policy

Reports on the human rights situation of intersex people

Movies, Articles and Books

  • Mauro Cabral (2015): The marks on our bodies (Article published for Intersex Awareness Day, 26th of October
  • Inter – Erfahrungen intergeschlechtlicher Menschen in der Welt der zwei Geschlechter (2013, ed. by Barth, Ghattas, Böttger, Schneider), a collection of essays and conversations on the experience of intersex individuals from five continents.
  • Intersexion (Documentary featuring various intersex people’s life histories, New Zealand, 2012) Trailer
  • Orchids, My Intersex Adventure (Autobiographical documentary about an intersex filmmaker, Australia, 2010) Trailer
  • Interdicciones – Escrituras de la Intersexualidad en Castellano (2009, ed. by M. Cabral), a collection of essays and conversations on the experience of intersex people in Latin America and Spain.
  • El último verano de la Boyita (Feature film about an intersex adolescent and their friend, Julia Solomonoff, Argentina, 2009) Trailer
  • XXY (Feature film about an intersex adolescent, Argentina, Spain, France, 2007) Trailer
  • Octopusalarm (OT: Tintenfischalarm, first European documentary about an intersex person, Austria, 2006, avail. with english subtitles) Trailer
  • Hermaphrodites Speak! (Documentary from the first Intersex Retreat 1995, United States 1996 Watch here