Intersex Nigeria SOGIESC workshop

Intersex Nigeria Conducted a 2-Day SOGIESC Workshop for Intersex Persons in Nigeria

Intersex Nigeria SOGIESC workshop

Intersex Nigeria conducted a 2-days SOGIESC workshop for intersex persons, on the 24th-25th of October 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria. This workshop was put together by Intersex Nigeria for intersex persons from the different geo-political zones in Nigeria.

This SOGIESC workshop aimed at educating, building, and strengthening the knowledge of Intersex persons on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identify and Expression, and Sex Characteristics.

Our distinctive goal is to ensure that intersex persons have an in-depth understanding of SOGIESC terminologies and how it intersects and related to all intersex persons.



The workshop also seeks to ensure that intersex persons understand the importance of SOGIESC in achieving full bodily integrity and autonomy, and the necessity for improved human and sexual rights,  including well-being. Through this training workshop, intersex persons will be able to impact and contribute to the shifts in attitudes, values, beliefs, practices, ideologies, and customs within their environment.


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