Intersex Nigeria 2021 Annual Report-Sensitization, Awareness, Visibility

Intersex Nigeria is thankful for 2021, which has brought organizational strengthening, networking, and opportunities for exploration to promote the mission of our organization.

Our goal throughout 2021 was to improve the overall organization’s strength and programing for intersex persons in Nigeria for the continuous creation of an enabling society that promotes the visibility, inclusion, bodily autonomy, sexual and reproductive health including mental well-being, and human rights of intersex persons in Nigeria, through community organizing, research, advocacy and public engagements using a feminist lens.

Even though we encountered some challenges, it cannot be compared to the various partnerships and opportunities we experienced throughout the year in progressing our vision where intersex persons, from birth, have rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and are free from stigma and discrimination.

We are pleased to present our annual report for 2021.

Download Intersex Nigeria 2021 Annual Report here

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