Healing Justice Workshop for Intersex Persons in Lagos, Nigeria

Intersex Nigeria organized a Healing Justice Workshop for intersex persons in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Healing Justice Workshop was put together for intersex persons from different geo-political zones in Nigeria, to heal past traumas that COVID-19 intensified.  This workshop was a channel to open up unhealed wounds and seek healthy ways to begin a holistic healing journey.Intersex People Sitting on the Floor to stretch

Opening up unhealed wounds was a difficult task for participants and we saw a huge turn around during the last day of the workshop. Intersex participants were able to identify triggers and identified ways to deal with them healthily whenever they arise.

According to a participant, in an interview after the workshop, he said that he “felt great and different. There was this calmness and boldness I experienced as the Therapist took us through some breathing exercises. I had a sense of peace, felt like this heavy weight I have carried all my life was suddenly taken off my shoulders.”

The participant further stated that “This period is a period in my life where I was coming to terms with who I am. You really can imagine how terrible I was feeling until this workshop. Now, I am not even going to lie, I am understanding the many beautiful ways I can love myself and show up for me and live fully regardless of the stigma and discrimination around.” The Healing Justice Workshop is one out of many other Healing Workshops that Intersex Nigeria will continue to organize for intersex persons in Nigeria, to further their healing processes of trauma caused by discrimination, stigmatization and negative practices done against them.

The session ended with a yoga, stretching and positive self talk session by the invited Healing Coach/Therapist.



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