Envisioning a City for All-Art Exhibition in Lagos

Intersex Nigeria photo  portrait artwork was part of Flaneuse Project title Envisioning a City for All. This art exhibition was organized by Heinrich Boll Stiftung and Lagos Urban Development Initiative.

The aim of the project is to advocate for a more inclusive, livable and sustainable Lagos through deconstructing gendered power structure to achieve gender equality and gender democracy.

The photo portraits exhibited, intend to encourage public education, conversations and awareness campaigns on intersex persons and their rights against discrimination, stigmatization and bullying. They are a call to government to wake up and to embark on public discourse about the need to embrace people who are rejected by the society due to ignorance and stigmatization. People need to be educated on why it is not okay to de-humanize another person because they are different. The government needs to create infrastructure for people who do not fit into what is considered “normal”. A lot of groups are marginalized in society because they are different.

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