Survey Analysis: Intersex people are highly vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic

The African Intersex Movement publishes the “Covid-19. A report on the situation of intersex people in Africa”. The African intersex-led survey is the first in Africa to specifically focus on the impact of Covid-19 on intersex individuals. It is part of a global project, conducted by the International Intersex Community, that aims to increase knowledge about the situation of intersex people in times of the pandemic.

One of the most critical findings in this respect is the highly increased risk of intersex people not being able to access financial support with a history of discrimination at workplaces and an inability to gain employment.

It also showed that intersex people suffer from mental health issues due to the violations of their physical and psychological integrity, living in secrecy, isolation, the stigma they experienced, which makes intersex individuals more vulnerable.

Other findings of the report are on the impact on intersex activism, employment and safety of intersex persons in Africa in Covid-19 pandemic.

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