Beyond the Binary; Exploring the diversities of intersex identities and experiences research study, aims to explore and document the social exclusion and human rights violations issues faced by intersex people in Nigeria, filling an existing knowledge gap and adding to the body of existing knowledge on non-clinical research on intersex people.

The study highlights that categorizing all people into the sex binary of either ‘female’ or ‘male’ means that intersex people face social stigma and discrimination, often due to a lack of awareness about intersex variations. Mental health issues may also arise due to social and cultural assumptions about sex, as well as unnecessary surgeries and hormone treatments imposed on infants and young people throughout childhood and adolescence.

This study underscores the limitation of social and legal recognition of intersex people in Nigeria; data on their health, birth, impact of social exclusion, and overall well-being due to insufficient information. The importance of this study lies in its ability to fill the existing gap in knowledge and improve the body of non-clinical research on intersex people. This valuable addition to the current knowledge base would provide a solid foundation for educational and advocacy efforts.

Download full research  here

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