Center for HealthCare Development and Youth Empowerment (Intersex Nigeria) is a body by and for people with intersex variations

We promote the human rights, self-determination and bodily autonomy of intersex people in Nigeria. We build community, evidence, capacity, and education and information resources. Our goals are to help create a society where our bodies are not stigmatized, and where our rights as people are recognized.

Myths and Facts about Intersex People

Myth 1: Intersex people are rare

Fact: Intersex people are common and can be anyone.

Myth 2: You can call intersex persons “hermaphrodite”

Fact: Hermaphrodite is an out of term used to pathologize our bodies and only adds to the confusion about reality of being an intersex person.

Myths 3: All intersex people identify as LGBTQ community

Fact: Some intersex persons are heterosexual. Intersex is a biological factor and it is not a sexual orientation.

Myths 4: Intersex and Transgender people are same

Fact: Some intersex persons can be transgender but not all intersex person are transgender.

Myths 5: Intersex persons are people with only physical sex characteristics variation

Fact: Intersex traits can involve genital, chromosomes, hormones, other secondary sex characteristics.


Center for Healthcare Development and Youth Empowerment (Intersex Nigeria)

Our vision is to see a society where intersex persons, from birth, have rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and are free from stigma and discrimination.

Our mission is to create an enabling society that promotes the visibility, inclusion, bodily autonomy, sexual and reproductive health including mental wellbeing, and human rights of intersex persons in Nigeria, through community organizing, research, advocacy, and public engagements using a feminist lens.


When A Child Is Intersex

Intersex Nigeria can provide support on resources and education about taking care of your intersex child.


We Give Voice to The Voiceless

As the only intersex-led organization working for human rights of intersex people in Nigeria. We help them get heard.


We Provide the Needed Support

Intersex Nigeria is here to provide support, information, and resources for intersex people,  families, and allies.


Our Objectives

● Support and empower intersex individuals and their families including through the use of online forums, social activities and face to face meetings

● Provide information, education and advice on issues relating to intersex including through the internet, printed material and face-to-face meetings

● Lead and contribute to the process of policy-making

● Increase the support, awareness and commitment of individuals, community, business, medicine and government, with respect to the human rights of, and legal protections for, people who are intersex and services appropriate for them
● Engage and partner with other organizations that share common goals with the company
● Raise, apply and channel financial and other resources to support the initiatives, programs and priorities of the company
● Carry out such other functions and purposes which are necessary or incidental to the objects listed above


Help us Change Negative Norms, Myths And Misconceptions About Intersex People.